Sunday Sundae

Yep I have skipped a whole week without blogging and I am not going to go back and post one for each day. So don’t think you’ve missed anything.

Even though I am still out of work, last week was not a good one. I had my first migraine after my surgery and it lasted in different stages for most of the week. I did see my doctor on Friday and he released me to return to work tomorrow. He also prescribed me a patch to wear to release small doses of hormones to help with the migraines and give me energy (since I want to sleep until noon most days). And I can’t do that if I am going back to work.

The patch has been okay. I did sleep until almost one on Saturday, but I felt good afterwards. I even went to bed early last night so I could get up and go to church today. However, that didn’t happen. As soon as I got up I realised I had a migraine so I took my Excedrin and went back to bed. I am having mild hot flashes and my head isn’t that clear now, but it is much improved over the way I was before I had my surgery.

Anyway, it is a beautiful day outside. Windy. But otherwise lovely. I’m sitting at my desk writing this blog with my heater on and I’m trying to psyche myself up to return to work tomorrow after being off for six weeks. I know there will be so much to do, but I also know I can’t do it all in one day, not even one week, but it will get done. As my doctor said, I should pace myself and not push myself into doing more than I can.

I just pray I can do it.

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