Rumor Has It Wednesday

It’s been a week or more since I blogged. Juli Alexander took over my space and then I was sick for the next week. So I am finally peppy again, head almost clear enough to have coherent thoughts for a full day. And we know as we get older that in itself can be a big undertaking. I kinda lost it last night between 8 and 10, I was so ready for sleep and then this morning I woke with a headache. The sky looked a little reddish as the sun came up so I’m wondering if we might have storms later today?  I haven’t heard the weather forecast yet.

So last week I had a follow up doctors appointment to check my thyroid level and to make sure my potassium level and iron level were good. Since I started seeing this doctor in March he’d been encouraging me to make healthier eating choices and I really thought I had been doing good. He said cut out pasta, rice, starchy foods and so I was doing that. I have been steadily losing weight and inches (you know you do inches sometimes more than actual pounds). But apparently that wasn’t fast enough for him. So this time he said he wanted me to cut my carbs down to 50 a day. I thought, okay. That’s a doable number. Boy was I wrong. You can’t eat hardly anything without using up those carbs. So trying to plan meals (that my growing teen will eat), figure out what I can eat and what I can’t have been a big time consumer for me. I don’t like having to think about food all the time. I don’t like feeling hungry or having to snack in between meals. I’m not a snacker, but I guess I may have to become one until I adjust. I also know eating six small meals a  day is better than three to help speed up your metabolism.

This new plan of 50 carbs a day is a radical move from what I had been doing. It is forcing me to make even better choices than I was which is going to be far better for me all around. For the last year or so I have been trying to modify the way I eat, but I guess  I wasn’t doing to best job at it. I have until November to give this a go to see if it works. I’m hoping it will. I’d really like to see a change on the scales and not just in the way my clothes fit. I’ve also got a new exercise bike coming so that will help with toning and building muscle mass. Because I know I can do this!

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