TGIF … Heroes

Welcome to my new Friday blog, TGIF ... Heroes. I think you may enjoy this one. Today I'm going to be talking about the men behind my characters in my upcoming historical romance To Catch A Duke. This is a sequel to my Christmas historical time-travel from The Wild Rose Press titled Season of Love.… Continue reading TGIF … Heroes

Random Thoughts Friday

Reports say that Julianna Hough was robbed of $100,000 worth of jewelry that her boyfriend Ryan Seacrest gave her. She had it in her car. My question is why was she keeping it in her car? Not a very safe place to put it in my opinion, but then no one asked me. What do… Continue reading Random Thoughts Friday

Rumor Has It Wednesdays

May 1 marked the 6th birthday/Anniversary for The Wild Rose Press. Be sure to stop by their Facebook page, leave a tweet on Twitter, or one of their blogs to wish them well. Jessica Simpson gave birth the a baby girl. It seems to be the year for girls. Almost everyone I know who is… Continue reading Rumor Has It Wednesdays