What are You Reading Thursday

I can shout it from the roof tops that I have finished reading my Laurie contest entries. I can also say that I enjoyed each and everyone of them. I did not feel that any of the entrants were fledglings as writers. Their stories were thought out and well written. Were any of them perfect?… Continue reading What are You Reading Thursday

What are you Reading Thursday?

I'm gearing up to begin judging writing contests. I just received my entries for the Laurie contest. I'm looking at young adult as well as historical entries. These should be fun. My son is reading Tim LeHaye books again. It really amazes me how he goes through books. Not tiny books, but thick books with… Continue reading What are you Reading Thursday?

What are You Reading Thursday

Contest entries. I'm judging in another contest and I have to say these were good ones. I think all three have potential in getting published. Of course my score is only one in the first round of judging, but maybe out of the three will get a high vote from another judge and will go… Continue reading What are You Reading Thursday

What Are You Reading Thursday

It is contest entry reading time. First twenty-five pages. I've read three so far and I have several to go before this task is complete. Are they good? bad? excellent? Well to sum it they come in all shapes and sizes, tastes and sometimes with a far stretch of the imagination. Occasionally you'll find a… Continue reading What Are You Reading Thursday