What Are You Reading Thursday

I began reading Christmas on Mimosa Lane by Anna DeStefano last week. The richness of the writing is breathtaking. I can't wait to finish reading it. I've also finished reading the galleys for my next novel Because of Rebecca. It should be released sometime in 2013 from The Wild Rose Press. My son is reading… Continue reading What Are You Reading Thursday

Random Thoughts Friday

Why does it take so long to create a manuscript, but once it is published a reader can zip through it in a matter of hours? Almost finished with my galleys. Then I can go back to writing. Yeah! Should I put up the Christmas tree this weekend or wait until next? Will I feel… Continue reading Random Thoughts Friday

What Are You Reading Thursday

My son is still reading the Pendragon series. I have been reading more of Trouble in Mudbug. I began this several weeks ago as you might remember. Reading a little here and there as I worked on my writing projects. I took some time last weekend and did a little more intensive reading. I have… Continue reading What Are You Reading Thursday

Play Date Saturday

Julia Quinn is a riot. Just heard her speak on being disorganized and top 4 lists of things because a disorganized person can't handle more than that. I also attended many informative workshops today. Learned about corsets, codpieces and kilts for dressing and undressing period characters correctly.  Yesterday I learned about Regency clothing. I also… Continue reading Play Date Saturday