What are You Reading Thursday?

It's time once again to get my Jane Austen fix. Pride and Prejudice is the choice this time. I'm reading and watching the adaptations. The BBC productions are fabulous and they strive to keep it so true to the novel. I love the 1995 version as much as I've come to admire the 2005 shorter… Continue reading What are You Reading Thursday?

What Are You Reading Thursday

No reading this week. Too busy with after the holidays cleaning and preparing for the New Year to take time to read. However, I have found Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice is being aired on Ovation, two episodes a day. I caught hour two and three and discovered some interesting scenes I hadn't picked up… Continue reading What Are You Reading Thursday

What are you Reading Thursday

I spent the day watching instead of reading. I watched a BBC 5 episode edition of Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice. It was made in 1980 and was different from the version with Colin Firth. This one showed much more detail about Mr. Collins and Charlotte and painted a clearer picture of some of the… Continue reading What are you Reading Thursday