Sunday Sundaes

We had Coach Ken Sparks and several of the Carson Newman football players join us for Sunday morning worship service. A few of the players taught Sunday School classes and others gave testimonials. Coach Sparks spoke to the congregation about the way we think about things and how our vision can make a difference on… Continue reading Sunday Sundaes


Random Thoughts Friday

RIP Jonathan Winters. SMRW meeting tomorrow. Woo Hoo a meeting of the creative minds. Do you like Old Time Gospel Singing? If you do, join us this weekend as our choir singing.

Sunday Sundaes

We had an awesome service again today. We had choir practice with the orchestra in the afternoon as we are in our final rehearsals before the Old Time Gospel Singing this weekend. Today I had an ice cream sundae. Vanilla ice cream, Italian waffle cookies called pizzle and top off with Granny G's Home made… Continue reading Sunday Sundaes