Valentine’s Day – Play Date Saturday

Happy Valentine's Day! It's Saturday and it's a book signing Saturday too. Going to Newport, TN to the Cinema Four to do a book signing with several other authors in honor of Valentine's Day and the release of Fifty Shades of Grey. More movie goers came to see Spongebob Squarepants than any of the other… Continue reading Valentine’s Day – Play Date Saturday

Rumor Hast It Wednesday

Union County and Campbell County schools are closed for the rest of the week due to the high volume of students and teachers ill. They are calling for snow flurries later tonight into tomorrow and colder temps tomorrow. Will it happen? Teenagers today are not the same as the teenagers of my generation. I'm sure… Continue reading Rumor Hast It Wednesday

Play Date Saturday

It started off as a cold, wintery day. Some folks saw snow flurries, other had spitting snow fall, while others had rain. This cold and blistery wind has taken us by surprise, stripping many of the gorgeous orange and yellow and red leaves from the trees, leaving a bare skeleton for all to see. In… Continue reading Play Date Saturday

Random Thoughts Tuesday

Had an awesome free lunch today at Club LeCont downtown. Free car service to and from the venue. Really enjoyed it. Snow was predicted for today and it came for those areas affected. And it is now snowing here. Maybe that wasn't flowers from the pear trees we saw flying around earlier. But I do… Continue reading Random Thoughts Tuesday