Random Thoughts Friday

TGIF -- long week, ready for the weekend!! SUBWAY is doing $5 footlong subs and other specialty ones for $6 during the month of February. Two days of lunch for a small price. A great deal. What started out as a rainy day is turning into a dry, warm and sunny afternoon. Looking forward to… Continue reading Random Thoughts Friday

Drizzling Monday

Woke to raining this morning. Temps in the 50s, but the rain made it feel colder. Welcome October! Sitting at work with my space heater on. Trying to stay warm. Rain has finally subsided. Will the sun peak out from behind the clouds today? Will the leaves turn more golden and orange from their green?… Continue reading Drizzling Monday

Raining Raining

We had rain this morning. We had rain this afternoon. It was really raining at one point today. More than the 20% the weather forecast has predicted for the day. When it wasn't raining the sun was shining. But weather is one thing you can count on to have every day. Whether it is good… Continue reading Raining Raining