Random Thoughts Tuesday

Went to Pigeon Forge yesterday. Weatherman said it would be foggy. True. Weatherman said it would be in the 60s, but would slowly climb to 71 by noon. False. In Pigeon Forge it was in the low 80s. Sun was shining so it was hot. Hot. Hot. I was dressed too warm. I was uncomfortable.… Continue reading Random Thoughts Tuesday

Random Thoughts Tuesday

Lovely September day. Not too hot, but not too cool. Just right. Migraine. Migraine. Go away! You've stayed too long and it's insane. Trying to write a little. Need a few pages, but might only get a few paragraphs. Got a new garbage can today. Maybe the square kind will hold more than the oval… Continue reading Random Thoughts Tuesday

A Beautiful Monday

Today is my 365th blog post and my last weather Monday. Starting next week I will feature guest authors on Mondays. I hope you will enjoy this alteration in my weekly blog topics. YA author Jesse-Kimmel Freeman will be joining us next week. So do drop by and leave a few comments if you can.… Continue reading A Beautiful Monday

I’m Roasting Today!

70 degrees and it's December 3rd. The sun felt very warm coming in my window at work so I opened it up. Then I had to open up another one and finally I had all three open because it was so warm in my office I felt like I was roasting. Wow! It made working… Continue reading I’m Roasting Today!

Another Beautiful Day

Catch the heat and sun while you can this week, the forecasters are saying today will be our only one in the 80s this week. I've heard the rest should be in the 70s. Rain is possible so we could be moving into another little cold snap. I'm hoping not, I'd like to have a… Continue reading Another Beautiful Day