A Beautiful Monday

Today is my 365th blog post and my last weather Monday. Starting next week I will feature guest authors on Mondays. I hope you will enjoy this alteration in my weekly blog topics. YA author Jesse-Kimmel Freeman will be joining us next week. So do drop by and leave a few comments if you can.

As for today’s weather, it is a gorgeous sunny Monday. Quite chilly and is only supposed to reach the mid 50s today. It started out in the teens and has finally reached 52. So we will probably get to 57 as predicted. Normally I’m roasting in my office when the sun is shining like today, but the heat in the building is out. And they are repairing the pipes that burst.  So instead of being hot my feet are freezing. And even though I turn on my little space heater it isn’t doing much good. Ho-hum tis the way it goes. Never a dull moment around here.

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