TGIF … Heroes

Today and all weekend my heroes for this week are the patient and smiling sales associates working this Tax Free weekend. Those I encountered were pleasant and extremely helpful. I hope they are able to keep this attitude through Sunday. Sometime dealing with the public can get harry. I know, I've worked retail during holiday… Continue reading TGIF … Heroes


Random Thoughts Friday

Set out my new pink dogwood today. Took a while to find the right spot for it. But it is in the ground and watered, giving off a small amount of shade to the brown tree frog that came to live in the stump of a former sugar tree that fell a few years back.… Continue reading Random Thoughts Friday

Random Thoughts Friday

Why do they call Nitrous oxide laughing gas? It doesn't make me laugh. Am I an oddity? I've had three dental procedures now and I think the most I've felt is relaxed. Tax free weekends sends people out shopping for any bargain. The Good Luck Spell went live and is now available for the Kindle at… Continue reading Random Thoughts Friday