Sunday Sundaes

Today it tried to get warm. We were in the 50s so it felt like a small heat wave after the cold temps we've been having. I celebrated and wore short sleeves with a sweater. My critique group got together today for the first time since before the holidays. We are going to try to… Continue reading Sunday Sundaes

Random Thoughts Tuesday

Lovely September day. Not too hot, but not too cool. Just right. Migraine. Migraine. Go away! You've stayed too long and it's insane. Trying to write a little. Need a few pages, but might only get a few paragraphs. Got a new garbage can today. Maybe the square kind will hold more than the oval… Continue reading Random Thoughts Tuesday

Warming up again, but it won’t last

Today is a beautiful October day. We're supposed to get up into the high 70s and I believe we will meet that, even though the weather forecast called for at least a 20 % chance of rain (I didn't see it). I think tomorrow is supposed to be cooler each day this week ending with… Continue reading Warming up again, but it won’t last