Hooked on Downton Abbey

I, like so many others, who have watched Downton Abbey have become hooked on the story and the characters. With the ending of Season 2 I am anxiously awaiting Season 3, but when will that be? How many weeks must we wait until the saga can continue? What will become of Anna and Mr. Bates? Will Mary and Matthew find happiness at last? What about Sybil and Branson and their new little one that is on the way? Will Edith finally find someone to love? So many questions and so many  possibilities.

I suppose I could dream up my own version of how the mini-series will progress, but I might find myself disappointed with the actual outcome. Have you any thoughts on how it should go? What expectations do you have for the addition of Shirley MacLaine to the cast? I can just imagine what sparring match she and Maggie Smith could get into. It will make for an interesting season.

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