What are You Reading Thursdays

I’m giddy today and can’t wait to tell you about it. I got to read another advance copy of one of Juli Alexander’s YA novels My Life as the Ugly Stepsister. It was great. I think this one is my favorite now. I’m not sure what was different about it that appealed so much to me. This one is a straight romantic comedy so maybe that was it. I also loved Ally’s Brutal Teen Truths that came with each chapter. That girl may only be fourteen, but she knows what she’s talking about.

The story opens with Ally finding out her mother is moving away and she is going to be living with her dad and stepmoster for four months. This coming about only two weeks before she begins high school. For a teenage girl this is a life altering experience, but that isn’t all that will happen to Ally. The trauma she goes through is enough to give any stable teen a breakdown, but she takes each punch in stride. I laughed and grinned recalling my own teen years (especially the horror of having to go buy feminine product)s as I read this book. Though I didn’t have to deal with a stepmonster. Or a stepsister. Though I have to say as a stepsister Caroline was a refreshing twist. She wasn’t horrible. She was nice, and genuinely wanted Ally in her life.

I don’t want to spoil the book for you so I won’t go into great detail about it only to say that I read it in one day. So it is a quick read, the pacing is excellent. I have a feeling you will enjoy it too. So if you are looking for a young adult author for your teen suggest Juli Alexander. My son loved her Valentine’s Day Sucks novella and he is not one who I can get to read many books.

I soooo look forward to reading more of Ms. Alexander’s stories.

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