Sunday Sundaes

Taking a little turn from my normal topic of remembering Sunday afternoons as I grew up I’d like to talk about my  Great-Aunt who will be turning 95 this coming Thursday. She’s the longest living sibling in my grandmother’s family. When this aunt was born they say she had a veil over her face that the mid-wife had to cut off. I’m assuming this meant she had a thin layer of skin over her face, but this was supposed to have made her special. I’ve asked what this meant, but no one seems to know. But she has out-lived everyone in her generation.

Today her three children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great, great-grandchildren will be honoring her with a birthday party. At her age she still drives, lives alone, and gets around pretty good, though she is moving slower these days. I think anyone living to the age of 95 is doing awesome. They are blessed with longevity.

Do you have any relatives that have lived as long?

2 thoughts on “Sunday Sundaes

  1. My grandfather (Maternal) died at 94. At 90 he was still climbing on his roof (without my mother knowing of course) and repairing his roof. He was spry, inquisitive and funny as all get out. Also, the thin veil may have been the placenta residue. Just a thought.

    1. Placenta residue? I had never heard of that before. Maybe that is what it really was. Though to hear my grandmother go on about it they really felt it made this sibling special. I want to say my grandmother even made a Biblical reference to it.

      Kate, I’m glad you got to have your grandfather with you until he was 94. I felt I was lucky that I was in my late thirties when my grandmother passed. This September she’ll have been gone six years.

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