Play Date Saturdays

Today has been an exciting day. The Good Luck Charm went free at Amazon as I’m sure you know if you’ve been following my blog. At this time it is #55 overall in Kindle ebook sales, #4 in Humor, #13 in contemporary. I’m tickled pink over this. We still have the night and another day and evening to go on the free download weekend so if you haven’t gotten your free read be sure to stop by and download, even if you don’t have a KINDLE you can still download to you computer. There’s a Kindle app you can download free to read books on your computer.

Okay, enough about downloading. I went shoe shopping today and I got me a new pair of Alegria shoes. Sandals. Love them. I’m hooked on Alegria shoes. They are so comfy. They are a little on the expensive side, but the comfort they give your feet is far worth the price.

So I’m wearing these and my Shi tzu has a thing about licking your feet. I won’t let her lick even my ankles so she gets mad at me. She goes into the other room where I had my dress shoes and comes carrying a shoe back to where I’m on the computer. Drops the shoe in her dogie bed. I’m like NO YOU DON’T because if she likes licking feet, show loves licking the inside of your shoes. UGH.

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