Sunday Sundaes

This has been a Sunday to remember. Second day of the free download weekend of The Good Luck Charm and I’m #2 overall in free kindle store and #1 in Humor and #1 in Contemporary. I cannot say that I have had a Sunday like this before, but I hope that I can have one similar or that exceeds this in the future.

Going back in my memory as a child the end of May always marked the end of the school year. It was an exciting time because you knew you were going to be passed on to the next grade level. The most exciting times were from fifth to sixth, eight to nineth and eleventh to twelve. They marked mile stones. Leaving elementary school to begin middle school, leaving middle to begin highschool and transitioning from Junior year to Senior year.

Many senior graduated this weekend. Family members, friends, and acquaintances have embarked on a new chapter in their life. I wish them well and I wish those still in school a fun summer and a wonderful beginning to their next year of education.

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