Play Date Saturday

Today I went to a baby shower where the nursery is being done in Monkies. So almost all the little girl clothes had a monkey on it.  And since that is one of the popular designs on the Carter's these days it was easy to buy for. I mean, one of the onesie sets I… Continue reading Play Date Saturday

Random Thoughts Friday

Shopping. Shopping. Shopping. I spent four hours in Hobby Lobby gathering supplies for eight centerpieces to be displayed at Romfest in June on the tables during SMRW's High Tea Luncheon. It will be a fun event on June 20th. I'm looking forward to seeing all the attendees dressed in their finest Downton Abbey style clothing… Continue reading Random Thoughts Friday

What Are You Reading Thursday

I'm still reading Finger Lickin Fifteen.  And I wanted to talk about the character of Lula. She is probably the funniest character I've read. If not, she comes closest. Who wouldn't want a secondary character in their book that is a former Ho gone straight. Who eats everything in sight, especially doughnuts or Cluck in… Continue reading What Are You Reading Thursday

Play Date Saturdays

Today was fun. I went to the home of Intrigue Author Mallory Kane for lunch with another writing friend Donna Wright. We were meeting to work on details for the SMRW PJ party that is being held during Romfest later this month.  We lunched, talked, shopped and decided on decorations for the event. Afterward I… Continue reading Play Date Saturdays

Play Date Saturdays

Today has been an exciting day. The Good Luck Charm went free at Amazon as I'm sure you know if you've been following my blog. At this time it is #55 overall in Kindle ebook sales, #4 in Humor, #13 in contemporary. I'm tickled pink over this. We still have the night and another day… Continue reading Play Date Saturdays

Sunday Sundaes

My friend Christy's grandmother crocheted her a cut little purse when we were probably in the 1st grade. It was white with pink edging and drawstring. But the trick was it wasn't just a purse. When  you opened it up, folded down the sides it made a baby bassinet. Inside was a pink little pouch… Continue reading Sunday Sundaes

Play Date Saturdays

There is nothing better than getting your hair cut. And if your hair is anything like mine you probably have to get it cut every six to eight weeks. Mine is fine and thick. Almost a contradiction, but that is how you'd describe mine. It is fine, yet it has a tendency to grow in… Continue reading Play Date Saturdays

Play Date Saturdays

Today I truly played. I did my housework yesterday and spent most of the day in leisure after running a few errands this morning which included taking flowers by my grandparents grave. In the afternoon I treated myself to a mani/pedi. I don't do this often, but Easter is tomorrow and I couldn't wear my… Continue reading Play Date Saturdays