Recipe Tuesday

Pork Tenderloin with Pineapple Brown sugar glaze I was trying to use up a fresh pineapple that I bought when I tried this. I also had two thick cut pork chops. I cut them in half and seared them in a covered fry pan with a little water. As the water was depleted I added more, while… Continue reading Recipe Tuesday

The Monday before…

This is the Monday before Summer officially begins. It is also the Monday before ROMFEST!!!!  All the authors are excited and counting down the days until we'll be in Gatlinburg, Tenn. for this event. I've been preparing for the last few weeks and taking care of errands to put together my basket for the give-a-way.… Continue reading The Monday before…

What Are You Reading Thursdays

I got my Maggie Unpublished entries to judge yesterday so I've been reading on those. Can't say anymore than that. Not even what category I am judging. Sorry to be so secretive. I begin my vacation tomorrow so hopefully I will be able to post from Romfest what I have been reading. Oh, I did… Continue reading What Are You Reading Thursdays

Recipe Tuesday

Tuna Patties Some may have never heard of this, but have heard of Salmon patties. It is basically the same principle.  When I make these I either fry them or bake them in a muffin pan. Ingredients: 1 Family Size package of Starkist™ Tuna or whatever brand you prefer 1 egg onion flakes (a few… Continue reading Recipe Tuesday

A Misty Monday

It is raining here today. Not hard, just a light misty rain is falling. We saw a little of this yesterday. My mom called it good napping weather. And I did take advantage. But I can't nap today. I'm working. And there is lots to be done this week because I'm on vacation next. For… Continue reading A Misty Monday