Sunday Sundaes


Today I watched history in the making. I watched the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee promenade down the Thames River. Never have I seen another woman look finer in a white suite and hat than Queen Elizabeth did today. She stood the whole time. Never did it show her sitting down and she’s 85 years old. It was a nice event to watch and I thought the royal barge was awesomely decked out. I wouldn’t have gotten to see it if I hadn’t been still feeling ill.

You might ask am I a royal watcher? No, not really. Though I did get up as a young girl and watch the wedding of Charles and Diana. I watched Andrew and Fergie’s wedding too and the youngest brother’s wedding, so don’t recall his name. And at the last minute I did watch William and Kate’s wedding before going to work. Does that make me one? If so, okay.


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