Sunday Sundaes

Celebrating the 4th of  July has mainly been grilling out at my house. I guess we shot fireworks off one year when I was little because someone brought them to my grandfather, but he was always very cautious. He wouldn’t let us anywhere near them. I remember one they called a whistler and you had to have a empty coke bottle (glass) to shoot it off. But we really didn’t have to shoot them off because people all around us were doing it and we could watch. Of course now the trees have grown so tall and are full of leaves it makes it difficult to see them from our front porch.

My mom is planning on cooking ribs this year for the 4th. My son will like this very much. I’m still recovering from surgery so I’m leery about what I can and cannot eat without having side effects from no longer having a gall bladder. I also find I can’t eat much at one time too so it makes it hard to enjoy large meals. I’m sure this will only last a short time before my body adjusts to functioning without the organ.

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