Play Date Saturday

I’d love to say today will be filled with fun. But it won’t. I have errands to run, including getting my oil changed. Maybe I can take my laptop and write while I wait, that will make the trip a little more fun for me.

Yesterday, I had a dental procedure, step three of replacing a tooth with a fractured root (that had already had a root canal on four years ago) with an implant. In a few short weeks now I can get a crown and be done with it except for paying off the loan. Dental work can be sooo expensive. Anyway, that is why I am not doing more than a few errands today.  I must take it easy if I can so I don’t feel horrible come Monday. I might have bruising and swelling from the procedure by then anyway.

Now off to do laundry. And get back to writing before I have to leave.

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