Sunday Sundaes

A beautiful fall day is what we are having today. The sun is shining bright yet it is cool in the house. A sinus headache and a need to nap. Therefore I’m going to heed the call and do just that. Take a nap, snuggle under my warm blankee on the couch and watch the NCIS marathon on USA.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Sundaes

  1. hope your feeling better..I just read the good luck charm books..Love them such sweet and cute lovestorys without beeing to sugary sweet..just the right amount I think..Im going to look at some of your other book to..But when is the third good luck book coming out?

    1. Hi. Thanks for asking how I’m feeling. I’m much better. Thanks for also liking my books. I am planning on releasing the third one in December. I’m hoping to be able to keep to that schedule.

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