Sunday Sundaes

We began a revival at church tonight. Dr. Craig Edwards from Mt. Airy, North Carolina is the visiting preacher. We had one soul saved and I’m looking forward to going back tomorrow night.

Tomorrow is my son’s birthday. I’ve been asking him since Friday what kind of cake he wanted and he finally told me after church this morning. He wants a home made white cake with cream cheese icing. So I made a white cake from scratch today and I will make the cream cheese frosting in the morning, decorating it before I go to a meeting before going to work.

He isn’t that happy that we are once again having a revival on his birthday, but I can’t think of a better place to be spending a birthday than being in God’s house. I’m sure one day he will see the value of it too, but I hope I can make his birthday special even if we can’t celebrate it fully tomorrow.



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