What Are You Reading Thursday

Boy do I have a surprise for you! Not only did I finish a book I’ve been reading for several weeks TROUBLE IN MUDBUG (loved it!), but I also read another one this week…well, not really another book, but a short story. It’s a cute Christmas short story by USA today best-selling author Nancy Warren. This is the first by her that I’ve read, but it was a nice find at 99-cents. The title totally piqued my interest and so I read a few of the reviews and felt it was worth my time. I knew up front that it was a short story so I wasn’t surprised by the length. It was a fast read, which is something I like in my own writing. Okay I’ve kept you in suspense long enough. I know you must be dying to know what I read.  THE CHRISTMAS GRANDMA RAN AWAY FROM HOME.

If that title doesn’t make you sit up and go WHAT? Then I don’t know what will. Can you imagine your own grandmother deciding she’s fed up with the family antics. Of everyone taking advantage of her hospitality and leaving her with the mess. Of no one being appreciative of all she’s done for more years than she can count? I mean…poor Sandy didn’t even eat turkey because she’s a vegetarian, yet she’d been baking one if not two a year for over fifty-five years. And all she wanted was for someone else in the family to host one holiday meal. Just one meal, but no one would do it and they even tried to manipulate her into believing she was being selfish to even ask someone else to do it. So she did the one thing she could do. She ran away for Christmas!

I truly believe you will enjoy this story. It is about 54 pages in length so if you are a fast reader you can easily finish it in one sitting, but you’ll have a smile on your face when you do. And you’ll be cheering and saying Way to Go Grandma!!

As for TROUBLE IN MUDBUG it was fantastic and I wish I’d been able to read it from cover to cover quicker than I did. But let me tell you, the author put a sneak peak of  the next book in the series at the end and that is making me want to buy it now so I can continue reading about these characters. Do I dare? It is so tempting that I can see myself not putting this one down because I’m totally invested in these characters now. I might break down and do it even though I don’t need to because I’ve got galleys to finish and a book to write. But I could really use a little MISCHIEF IN MUDBUG in my life.

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