What Are You Reading Thursday

I’ve had the honor once again to read an advanced copy of an upcoming release by Juli Alexander. Investigating the Hottie. This is purely a fun and enjoyable book that will keep you smiling and turning InvestHottiethe page as you live a week in the life of 15-year-old Amanda Petersen. Finding out first that she had been receiving training to be a spy without knowing it is one thing, but to be asked to investigate the hottest boy at Princeton Academy is another. How could she possible spy on him when all she wanted to do was stare and drool. She couldn’t possible carry on a meaningful and information gathering conversation could she?

Spending her fall break visiting her aunt was supposed to be fun and relaxing, but Amanda finds herself enrolled in Princeton Academy on assignment to find out all she can about a possible hacker. And she has six days to to uncover his next move or lives could be in jeopardy. Instead she finds herself too close for comfort, getting to know the hottest boy in the world and risking her own heart in the process.

Ms. Alexander has a wonderful handle on understanding a teen’s feelings with falling in love for the first time. Her wit and cleverness comes across with each page. If you are looking for a new book this is definitely one to check out when it hits the bookshelves (electronic or print).

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