Play Date Saturday

I had to do mega Christmas shopping today. Being sick, I had not had a chance to do much shopping since Thanksgiving. So I had to go and do as much as I could in one day. I am happy to say I took care of most of it and I even bought myself a new pair of shoes that I had been needing to hunt for.  I need to get my mom something still, but she was with me so it wasn’t easy to shop for her.

I also went to a Christmas party. We had lots to eat and we played our dirty Santa gift exchange game. I have to say we had  many stealers this year. I have never seen so many snatching already opened gifts instead of picking from the unopened pile. It made the event more fun. And gave us a good laugh as the guys were sometimes left with gifts that should have gone to a girl.

I hope you had a lovely Saturday.


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