Not a Rainy Monday

I believe this is the first Monday in December (ironically the last one too) that it hasn’t rained. The sun was even shining for a few hours today. Now it is getting a little gray again, but it doesn’t look like rain at all.

I had to take my car in for service today. Routine stuff. But through a failure in communication my paperwork was marked for pick up for late this afternoon. So it wasn’t ready when I went to pick it up. I came home and spent a few hours writing. Then when I went back I had to wait because it still wasn’t done. Not pleased, but it is New Year’s Eve. I saw a few minutes of the GA Tech vs. U of Southern California’s Sun Bowl game in El Paso, TX. GA Tech was killing USC until right before I left the dealership. They allowed USC to score a touchdown. UGH! I was so enjoying Kiffin not being able to see his team score. Oh well…

Now I’m back to writing. Many pages to go before the day is through.

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