What are You Reading Thursday

My son has finished the series he was reading last week and has started a new one. I'm not sure what that one is yet. I'm trying to find a little time in my busy schedule to read. I've got my Kindle charged up and I'm carrying it with me. But time is kinda precious… Continue reading What are You Reading Thursday

Recipe Tuesday

These are one of my favorite Christmas Eve treats. We'd have these for dinner at my grandmother's along with other goodies when my father, my grandparents and my aunts family would gather to open presents. We'd also have punch to drink. It's great memories. Pigs in a Blanket Ingredients: pkg. lil smokie sausages 1 10… Continue reading Recipe Tuesday

60, Rain, and a Chance of Lightning

Wet Sunday. Wet Monday. Will it be a wet Tuesday? Only time will tell. Today's forecast called for temps in the sixties, but I didn't see anything about rain. Nor did I expect flashes of lightning and gusts of wind after the sun set and darkness fell. It's been a long day at work and I'm tired… Continue reading 60, Rain, and a Chance of Lightning

What are you Reading Thursday

My son has began reading a new young adult series by Scott Westerfeld. He picked up three books at the library yesterday and he has pretty much devoured book one Leviathan. He started on the second book Behemoth. Since I'm writing Thursday's blog on Sunday I can tell you he has finished book two and… Continue reading What are you Reading Thursday

Rumor Has It Wednesday

Tee Martin turned down the offer to return to UT and become part of Butch Jones' coaching staff. The weather has turned very cold suddenly making it feel more and more like Christmas every day. Not just looking like it, but cold like it. I pulled out my Kindle today. It is a first generation.… Continue reading Rumor Has It Wednesday