What Are You Reading Thursday

Found Love

Found: Love by Donna Wright

Tessa Price has a lot on her plate. Her job as a teacher fills her time, her best friend’s husband keeps trying to set her up on dates she’s not interested in, and she is babysitting her sister’s pets for two weeks. Tessa doesn’t mind Lilly, a lovely, well-behaved dog, but the other pet, a menace of a potbellied pig named Joey, keeps breaking out of her yard and eating the prize-winning flowers of her cantankerous neighbor.

The neighbor, in an effort to handle Tessa and her destructive pig, enlists his son, Brian Miller. Brian has a hectic job that keeps him traveling for weeks at a time. He loves his busy schedule and has no plans to settle down. Nothing could change his mind about his work or his carefree lifestyle.

However, that was before he met Tessa and Joey. Although the flower eating has his father in an uproar, Brian can’t seem to muster a serious attitude about it. After all, it’s just a few flowers. Not to mention the fact that the intriguing schoolteacher happens to be beautiful as well as intelligent.

Tessa has her life the way she wants it. When she and Brian become close, Tessa aches with hopes and dreams that can’t be realized in a different city every few weeks. Unfortunately, Brian’s life demands time on the road.

But when Joey suddenly disappears, Brian realizes what’s important. It isn’t a job that gives him happiness; it’s a beautiful blond with a pig.

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