What Are You Reading Thursday

Inadmissible LoveAttorney Danni Price is climbing the corporate ladder by working hard, trying difficult cases, and winning. She doesn’t have time to fraternize with the enemy. And Michael Sommer is most definitely the enemy.

Unfortunately for her, when Michael outbid everyone for the steak dinner date with her at the Literacy Foundation Auction, she had no choice but to go. The week before, she’d won the biggest case of her career against Michael’s father, and now she was forced into a date with his son. Danni saw the bid as a way of revenge.

Michael, a third generation attorney, however, saw a beautiful woman with intelligence and wit. All he wanted was the steak dinner, a little company, and to donate some funds to a good cause.

When the two realize they are the opposing attorneys in one of the biggest custody battles in the state, they become both rivals and allies. The problem is that romance is inadmissible, and in the end what really matters is who gets custody of their hearts.

This is the first Joey book in the Tennessee Love Series and should be released by Montlake later this year.

3 thoughts on “What Are You Reading Thursday

  1. I’m not sure that this is the right place for me to comment on but I sure hope it is lol
    anyway, this book intrigues me and I guess I’d love to read this one 🙂

    1. FiFi,
      Amazon should be releasing this one again soon as an ebook, but if not you might be able to order the hardback that Avalon orginally published. So check Amazon to see what is available.

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