Play Date Saturday

Today was a very busy day. It started early with my monthly SMRW meeting. We also had a board meeting which meant I had to be there 30 minutes earlier. Janice Maynard was our guest speaker and she spoke about RDR: The Rhino Factor Rejection, Desperation and Roadblocks. Every writer goes through these at one time or another and may experience them often during the course of their career. We all need to grow a thick skin like a Rhino. A good lesson.

After the meeting I couldn’t go to lunch with my friends as usual. I had to come home and get ready to go church. We are preparing to build a new facility and we had the opportunity to go visit the church ours will be most similar to once built. I met up with a few other women and we went to an early dinner before going on to the church for a special Saturday night service.

It was a long day, but a good one.

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