Sunday Sundaes

I woke this morning in the luxurious and historic Willard Hotel in Washington, DC. We arrived after 11:30 last night and our standard room got upgraded to a Junior Suite because they didn’t have anymore left. Let me tell you it was NICE with a captial N. I had seen it on the internet, but to actually be in the hotel and the room proved it was just as grand as the photos showed. I even got to peak into the Ulysses S. Grant Suite, had my picture taken in Peacock Alley and the Round Robin bar. I’ll post pictures later because my laptop isn’t  wanting to read my sim card.

We ate lunch at the Rockin’ Hard Rock Cafe and went to the Spy Museum before driving to Old Town Alexandria where we’ll be staying the rest of the week and taking the metro back into the city to do museum’s and other touristy activities. But if it should snow tomorrow as they are forecasting I will be warmly tucked into my hotel room writing.

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