Sunday Sundaes

I’m not feeling good today. I think it is because the neighbors were cutting their lawns yesterday. I’m allergic to the smell of cut grass. I believe this is because when I was very young  my brother and I loved to play in newly cut grass. This is just a speculation on my part, but if a child can be fed a food too young and develop an allergy to it, then it makes logic sense to me that I could develop one to grass from playing in it.

We loved to rake the grass when we were little. We’d practically follow my grandfather around as he mowed raking the grass up into a big pile so we could jump into it and play. I recall one time when we were doing this that we were practically colored green the grass was so fresh. It may have been late spring when the grass was very green from ample rain. But green grass can stain  your skin. My grandmother was at the hospital from having gall bladder surgery and our mom was with her so our aunt was in charge of giving us our bath and putting us to bed that night. Our dad worked second shift then so he wasn’t home. Our aunt had to scrub and scrub to get us clean. The water was green when we got out of the tub.

As all children do, they lose interest in things they once loved to do, especially when it no longer becomes fun. As we grew older we stopped liking to rake the grass when we found it a chore instead of a play time. It started to make me sneeze to be around it. And I began staying in doors whenever anyone was mowing the lawn in the neighborhood. I eventually was tested for allergies and started shots which helped some, but found when they cut the hay field that was even harder on me and I remember having bronchitis over it when I was in college during the summer.

Having allergies is not fun. It’s something I’ve had to deal with most of my life. For several years I didn’t have to take allergy shots, but since 2005 I’ve been taking them again. It’s a way of life and there are many benefits to them.


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