Play Date Saturday

Today I’m up to mischief. Well, I’ve been up to it for a while now, but today all my planning and scheming comes together. So this might be my last post if my dad kills me. Why you might ask? Well if you knew my dad you’d know he’s a home body, quiet, and pretty much stays to himself. My mom said if he’d had his way when they got married it would have been a trip to the court house, but she wasn’t having that. Instead they had a church wedding. When was that? May 4th, 1968. Today is my parents 45th Wedding Anniversary. And I’m having a bunch of friends and family over to celebrate with them.

The count down is on until I arrive at their house and spring the news on him. It is raining, not hard, but enough to keep him inside instead of our working. So this is in our favor. My mom knows, but she is going to act like she is clueless when I arrive with the punch and all the spread to set up. She is taking this so far in the fact that she is still in her gown. The cake is hidden at their house so he won’t find it and I have just told my son to hurry him to get ready. You don’t tell him anything you don’t want him blabbing.  He just can’t help it.

I hope you have a wonderful day and make lots of memories for years to come!

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