What Are You Reading Thursday

My mother retired almost a year ago (at the end of this month it will be a year). And one of her passions now is reading. She has read twelve books so far and is finding new authors she really likes. She loves to go to Goodwill or a thrift store and see what paperbacks she can pick up for 99 cents. And once she finds an author she likes she will buy more of their books. I lost her in Wal-Mart last Friday and couldn’t figure out where we got separated at, I searched the isles and finally found her in the book section. Boy has the tables turned. That was always me when I was growing up, yet now it is her.

She picked up a Lois Richer book today and is already a third of the way through it. She really enjoys Debbie Macomber books. And I’m trying to introduce her to some of the authors I like, but she doesn’t always like them. But that’s cool. I might not like some of the authors she discovers either.

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