Sunday Sundaes

Today started off with church. On our way we found that the power was out in Halls making crossing through intersections tricky. Some people don’t know they are supposed to treat  intersections as a four way stop when the traffic lights aren’t working.  When we came out of church we found that  like the last few days it also rained. And with it came the humidity.

We had a quick lunch of burgers, potato salad and macaroni salad (both Amish style that we picked up at the grocery). They were very good. Then I was off to critique to meet with my writing friends. Sharon made a greek cheese ball and had raspberry lemon bars. Both were yummy.  Besides critiquing, we discussed Romfest plans, SMRW upcoming elections speculating on who might run for office for next term since the nominating committee is already at work.

It was a fun afternoon. Even if it did rain again. But as long as it isn’t flooding or too cold and wet I’m not complaining.


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