Sunday Sundaes

I started the day off packing my suitcase to return home to reality. Yep, Romfest 2013 had come to an end and I was no longer the fun having author but the mom who had to get back to her kid and the day job. But the vacation in Gatlinburg with 49 other authors and readers was great.

A few highlights from the event:

  • I got to meet and have dinner with Jayne Rylon and her husband, Mr. Rylon.
  • I met Kim Law and feel like we’ve known each other forever. Can’t wait to see her in July at RWA National. Keeping my fingers crossed for her and her Rita nomination.
  • I met cover model Scott Nova and had my picture taken with him and had a nice conversation with him about getting ink.
  • I had my picture taken again with Dr. Bass my first interviewee as a reporter for my college newspaper in 1992. I’ve come a long way from that timid little undergraduate reporter who didn’t have a clue how to conduct an interview to a pretty successful author with over 10 titles to my name.
  • I got a lap dance (guess that is what you would call it) when the lead guitarist/singer of Gunslinger sat on my lap and played his electric guitar. But no one got a picture of it so you’ll just have to take my word for it.
  • I had a sip, a very small sip, of watermelon moonshine punch to see what it taste like. If you’ve eaten watermelon and drank the juice that pretty much describes it.
  • I learned the Cupie Shuffle.
  • I held a print copy of The Good Luck Potion in my hands for the first time at Books a Million. Signed copies of The Good Luck Series are available if you didn’t get by to the book signing on Saturday.
  • I shocked my friends when I showed up as a biker chick to the Naughty White Party with a nose ring and a skull cap on. (Pictures available over at Facebook in the Romfest 2013 album)

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