Play Date Saturday

Today was fun. Major author book signing at Books a Million at Governors Crossing. We were lined up from one end of the magazine racks to the other. And while the authors were chatting with their readers, Scott Nova was posing with them for pictures. I’ve only met one other cover model, but if they are all as nice as the two I’ve met then authors are so lucky to work with these guys to have them on our covers.

Tonight the band Gunslinger came and played at Destiny Blaine’s Western party.  We had a blast dancing and singing along with them. And lets not forget the basket giveaway where shirtless Scott Nova delivered with basket to the winner and took a picture  with her. This final party was a good way to close the Romfest event. It left attendees anxious for Romfest 2014 to get here. Thanks to Trista Ann Michaels for another great event.

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