Guest Author Monday

I’m pleased to have with us today guest author — Casey Dawes

She will be giving away a $5 amazon gift card to one lucky reader who leaves a comment.

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My name is Sarah Ladina and I’m a statistic. According to the Census Bureau, I’m a twenty-one-year old single pregnant woman and our numbers are on the rise.

I didn’t really intend this to happen, but then, no one does. I mean, I should have taken a clue from my mother. She got pregnant with me at seventeen and had to marry my dad. Look how that turned out.  Oh, he stayed with us. We thought he loved us.

Hah! He had another woman for most of the time he was married to my mom. Then he dropped dead when I was a kid. Last year my mother found out about the other woman and her kid, Alicia.

I suppose Alicia’s my half-sister. And she’s pregnant, too. And, she’s working for my mom in her day spa. Mom says I need to get over it and I suppose I should, but I can’t think about that now.  I’ve got an inn to open.

See, I’m not going to depend on anyone. My so-called boyfriend wanted me to get rid of our baby! I couldn’t do that. Not in a million years. So I left him. He’s just as unreliable as my dad.

I’ve dropped out of college and bought this old Victorian on the Monterey Bay with my trust fund. I’ve got enough marketing and business classes to make a go of it, but the house needs a lot of work. Scrubbing, painting, and getting furniture will keep me busy until the baby comes. As soon as I get one room done, I’m moving out of my mother’s place. She’s driving me nuts! She thinks I should get back with Rick–that’s my ex–because that’s what she had to do.

No way.

Except, it would be better for the baby to have two parents, wouldn’t it? Especially when one of them, that’s me, can’t cook.

You may be thinking, how can a woman who can’t cook open an inn?  Simple. I’ll hire someone. I’ll probably need to hire someone to fix the plumbing, too. Maybe I can figure out how to do that if I read a book or go on the Internet. It can’t be that hard, can it?

Of course, there was that guy that stopped by–Hunter Evans.  Sigh. He was good looking. He just got back from the war and I feel sorry for him. He lost part of his leg. That’s got to be tough. I’d love to hire him, but I don’t know him. It could be dangerous for me and the baby. I can’t take that chance. I have to protect her or him before anything else.

I’ll have to do this alone.

I wish it didn’t feel so lonely.

* * *

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