TGIF … Heroes

heathledgerIt seems I have a thing for wayward cousins. In Because of Rebecca the hero Jared Hollingsworth has a cousin Rory Hollingsworth who looks identical to him and this can and is a problem for him.  Rory even developed his craft of forgery while attending West Point (which by the way got him booted out). He’s a gambler through and through, getting high on the adrenaline rush of taking risks. It is no wonder that he enjoyed working for the ‘Vigilante Committee’ helping runaways find their way to the Underground Railroad.

Rory’s carefree nature was a huge thorn in Jared’s side especially when hisheathledger plantation was used to cover Rory’s gambling debts. And because Jared is mistaken for Rory, Rebecca is put into danger.  You might wonder if Rory and Jared resolve their differences. But I can’t tell you that. You’ll have to read Because of Rebecca to find out.

As you see I used Heath Ledger for the inspiration of Jared and Rory. I began writing Because of Rebecca way before the actor died. I was extremely saddened by his passing.


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