Guest Author Monday

Today please welcome our Guest Author — Karen Hall

I’d like to thank Leanne for the chance to stop by her blog. Leanne is a wonderful writer, whether it’s contemporary or historical. If it weren’t for putting that notice in a local paper fourteen years ago, I’d never have started down this crazy road for writing. Now you know who to blame.

First, some biographical information. I’ve lived in East Tennessee for thirty years and would never live anywhere else. By day, I work at a mental health clinic and by night, in addition to being the proud owner of Buddy and Febe the WonderDogs, I write romance. I enjoy gardening, cooking for friends and going to the opera. Oh yes, and going to the gym. When you sit on your bottom at work (both jobs) you need to get some kind of exercise!

karen Hall AnthologyI write historical and contemporary (okay, only one) romance for Books to Go Now and The Wild Rose Press. I have six stories (one-my first Christmas novella set in Regency England will be out later this year) with BTGN, and two novels with The Wild Rose Press.  Why historical you say? I’ve always loved history, and writing it gives me a chance to acquire a treasure trove of “highly useful information” to draw upon when I write. Actually, I just like knowing all that stuff, even though my friends are likely to hand me a cup of Earl Gray tea, a copy of Jane Austen and put me in the corner. And doing research is fun and let’s be honest. Sometimes I’ve spent way too much time reading arcane facts instead of getting down to the business of writing. Anyone else guilty of that? I thought so.

But it’s important to get your history correct. Even though most readers are not likely to be sitting with a copy of The TimeTables of History in hand while they read, they do expect their favorite authors to get it right. Glaring errors will make them think you are too lazy to care or you didn’t think they’d catch it. Big mistake for the authors who do that. And with books getting more and more costly, readers can afford to be choosy.

And why do I write? I have characters or ideas who move into my head and take up space and refuse to leave until I do something with them. And sometimes it gets very noisy up there.And why Christmas? It’s my favorite season and I like to try to see if I can come up with ideas for love stories set against that backdrop that haven’t been done before. Quite a challenge when you can’t reference the Internet or cell phones or computers. Hmm. Maybe that’s why, a true techno-phobe do it!

So now if it’s off to work while dreaming of snow covered fields somewhere in 19th century England. Do stop by my blog and check it out. And thanks Leanne for this chance to chat.

Thanks Karen for dropping by and sharing with us today.


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