What are You Reading Thursday?

I revisited (which means I reread since I wrote it) Victory’s Gate. It was my first published story, but it is a very sweet and endearing one. The plight of the characters was touching. The situations were real and I was amazed at how much I had forgotten about it in the six years since I wrote it. If you haven’t discovered this gem, I hope you will at least take a look at the blurb.

Left standing at the altar, Victoria Hamill decides to spend her honeymoon trip in Bury, Lancashire alone. However, when she finds a hidden gateway in the garden she’s transported in time to war torn Antebellum Charleston, SC. Going against convention and her assumed families wishes, Tori nurses an injured Union Captain back to health and finds her heart nurtured as well. Unsure of how she’d gotten there or when she’d return to present day, Tori decides to live for the moment and follow her heart on this path to new love.

It is still available at The Wild Rose Press, Amazon, and other ebook retailers.

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