Let’s talk today about heroes outside of books. We see heroes in movies and TV shows, but do we always think of these characters as a hero?  Let’s look at Vampire Diaries. it is a series that was created from L.J. Smith’s series. What two powerful heroes you have in Stefan and Damon Salvatore!  Brothers, different, yet so alike in some areas. I haven’t read the series but I have watched the show. Thanks to Netflix online streaming I was able to devour the first three seasons in a matter of days. And now I’m watching season four online while I DVR season five.

salvatoreThat is what got me thinking about Damon and Stefan as heroes. Damon as we find out saw Elena first, but he made her forget meeting him, so the reader/audience believes Stefan met her first and we only find this out during season three. That is a very heroic act on his part even though he is seen as a villain, but mostly the black sheep bad boy. He’s always wearing a black leather jacket or a black t-shirt so you do not forget that persona.

But even though we see Stefan as the good brother, he has a dark side too. For many years he let his vampire hunger control him. He was known as a ripper because of the way he’d devour his victims and leave them. And we see this side of him when he loses control and goes away leaving Elena with Damon.

There are many forces these heroes have to battle from the towns people, vampire hunters, witches, the originals, but together they are a team that nothing can tear apart, not even their love for Elena or their past with Kathryn.

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