Do you believe that men can be the only heroes?  I don’t. I believe heroine’s are heroes too. Check out my fiesty heirone, Rebecca Davis in Because of Rebecca.  As one reviewer says :

BecauseOfRebecca_7232_750Rebecca Davis’ life is one built on, and shaped by the secrets that she keeps.

There is just one problem with that however.

The secrets…are not hers to keep.

Because of Rebecca offers so much more story than one is used to in Southern-based Historical Romance.

Rebecca Davis is a woman unafraid to live her life by her convictions. Even if doing so could leave her a spinster; in one case. Or even cost her life.

This is an awesome story with more twists than a hedge-maze, more secrets than the CIA, and more romance than Cupid.

WRFAre You Reading Night Owl Romance Reviews

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