Sunday Sundaes

Still recouping from surgery. Stayed in today. Took another nap. I'm getting good at those. Maybe I can stay awake all day tomorrow and even get a little writing done. I miss my characters.

Play Date Saturday

Today I am still sleeping and recovering from surgery. Only took one pain med, so that is a plus. I continued veggie out and watched some TV before falling asleep for a late afternoon nap. I'm slowly getting my appetite back as well.


Today we have a guest post from author Kate McKeever The Anti-Hero                 As I go through my book shelf, I’m finding something interesting. Most of my “keeper” books have one thing in common. The anti-hero.  And if I go through my favorite movies and tv series, it’s even more obvious. Take Nathan Fillion, for… Continue reading TGIF…Heroes

What are You Reading Thursday

I am reading nothing today because I am under anesthesia for sinus surgery. They drugged me pretty good. I wasn't even fully awake when they put me in the car to come home. All I had to do was munch on two crackers and drink a little Sprite to get released. Then it was to… Continue reading What are You Reading Thursday

Guest Author Monday

Please welcome my Guest Authors --Nancy Fraser and Patti Shenberger The Ins and Outs of Writing a Romance Series When we first decided to write a book together, we had no thought beyond one book. Then, during the planning stages, one of our supporting characters started shouting ‘what about me!’ So, we revised our thinking… Continue reading Guest Author Monday