Guest Author Monday

Please welcome with me our Guest Author — Lexi Witcher

Thanks, Leanne Tyler for having me on your blog. I’m so excited to be here for several reasons. This is my first blog post ever. I have my first young adult coming out this year. And, the biggest reason I’m excited is because I get to do a cover reveal on your blog today.

I’ve been writing for several years and I’m published in adult contemporary romance under a different name, but this is my first young adult. I chose to use a pseudonym to keep my writing separate since the YA has more paranormal elements.

bittersweetsixteen200x300Bittersweet Sixteen is the story of Dodie Jenks and how her world changes drastically on the eve of her sixteenth birthday when she learns how her family has been cursed since the late 1700s and the oldest daughter has been dying on her sixteenth birthday. The story begins thirty days before Dodie’s birthday and the reader lives in her world as  she and her grandmother scramble to find a way to break the curse.

You can find me on FB at

Thanks Lexi for being on my blog today. I wish you much success with your upcoming release and can’t wait to read it.

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