Today Alexia Haynes is going share with us her New Adult Heroes from Too Fast and her upcoming March release Too Loud

AlexiaHaynes_TooLoud_800pxIn Too Fast, my hero Luke carried responsibilities that would crush the average 20-year-old.  In Too Loud, drummer Logan is his own number one priority.  He’s about to betray number 2, his band, and he plans to focus on Numero Uno.  A serious relationship is the last thing on his mind.  He’s got a bad boy reputation that’s about to get worse.  He’s never spent much time behaving, and now he’s spending his time concentrating on misbehaving.

Sophie’s tired of her beige and cream life.  She views her mother’s life as a living expression of her living room décor, muted neutral shades that make no impact.  Sophie’s one relationship hasn’t been ideal, but her boyfriend could never hurt her because she simply didn’t care enough to be hurt.

Sophie doesn’t believe in love, but she longs to live life out loud.  Logan’s the hottest drummer she’s ever laid eyes on, but when she starts to lose her heart, will the noise of his career drown out there love?  Will a relationship with Logan prove Too Loud for Sophie?

Luke was hot, but he was a great guy.  Why would I follow Savannah and Luke’s story with a bad boy?Luke was the right match for Savannah.  Her best friend, Sophie, can handle a man who’s a little bit wilder and a whole lot more flawed. 

The modern bad boy hero has gained popularity in romance, and New Adult romance in particular.  Bad boys, rakes, have been romantic heroes for decades. Now popular covers feature rock stars, bikers, underground fighters, and drag racers…  Why are today’s readers embracing these bad boy heroes?

When I think about these bad boys, I think about tattoos, piercings, motorcycles, risk-taking, speed, bad boy charm, swagger, attitude, confidence, unapologetic selfishness, and noise.

Logan brings the swagger and he brings the noise.

Too Loud comes to Amazon in March!

2 thoughts on “TGIF…Heroes

  1. Any word from the author when the release date will be? March release date has past. Can’t wait to read Too Loud

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