Young Adult heroes can be some of the most drool worthy guys around. Think about it. He’s that special guy that could awaken a girl’s first crush. He might be her first love or even the one to share her first kiss. And ultimately, he could be the one to break her heart for the first time.

bittersweetsixteen200x300Meet Leopold. A hot warlock that knocks Dodie’s socks off in Bittersweet Sixteen. He’s tall, dark, and broodingly handsome. Green eyes and thick lashes, he rocks a suit like no other guy can. From the moment she first sees him she is ready to forget her anxiety over dying from the curse and follow him to the ends of the earth. She’s ready to be his minion if that is what he desires.

As a teenager, Dodie Jenks has been going through life in the shadows of her best friendsĀ  Lisa and Callie. She was just existing because for some reason she never thought she was anything to rave about. Why? As the reader you are unsure, all you know is finding out about the curse sparks something within her that changes the way she views life. Having a closet full of clothes, shoes and accessories at her grandmother’s house causes her to shed her usual broken in jeans, t-shirt and hoodie for dresses, skirts, books, and even heels. No longer does she braid her hair, but she curls and styles it and she begins to wear makeup.

But does these changes impress Leopold? Not really. He likes Dodie for her she is and finds the beauty within prettier than what the make up can do to hide the awful zit she gets. He encourages her to play in her closet of new clothes and watches as she transforms from the awkward fifteen year old he met a few weeks ago into the confident sixteen year old unafraid to meet death head on.

Bittersweet Sixteen is now available at Amazon.



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